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Aichi M6A1 Seiran-Nanzan

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Scale 1:12     Wingspan 1070 mm

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The first 3D printable float plane ever is derived from Japanese navy submarine launched attack warbird. This plane can be launched from water or snow surface, or as a belly lander without floats (Nanzan) is one of the best flying 1/12 scale 3DLabPrint warbirds till date.

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To equip the submarine aircraft carriers, the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service requested that Aichi design a folding attack aircraft with a range of 1,500 km (810 nmi) and a speed of 555 km/h (300 kn).

The first production examples of the Seiran were completed in October 1944. Construction of the STo submarines and airplanes was stopped in March 1945, after two submarine aircraft carriers had been completed and a third finished as a fuel tanker.

The first mission of the Seiran squadron was to be a surprise air strike on the Gatun locks of the Panama Canal, to cut the main supply line for US forces in the Pacific. When the force was finally ready to set off on their mission against Panama, Japan’s increasingly desperate situation led to a change in plan, with the target for the attack, called Operation Hikari (Splendour), being switched to the American base at Ulithi Atoll where forces, including aircraft carriers, were massing in preparation for attacks on the Japanese Home Islands.